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Pixel-Blocks-Token "Whitepaper"

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Welcome To PixelBlocks Token

PixelBlocks is the cryptocurrency industry's next generation of community tokens. We offer value as a network of information and access to free financial tools, design art, and other digital assets. As a community with a shared interest, we leverage our hobbies & skills to generate value within DeFi and aim to create a sustainable community membership model of rewarded collaboration.

So What Are We All About?

Community tokens are commonly used for memberships that govern access and activity inside a group and should serve the overall population rather than individuals. We, PixelBlocks.uk (u-knighted), are a diverse group of individuals striving for a brighter future. Through the creation of PixelBlocks token, we strive to become one of the largest communities in the crypto space by providing sustainable long-term growth and unique utilities. Additionally, PixelBlocks will be a decentralized project maintained by its enthusiastic community. We promote open communication and believe that the three pillars of establishing longevity are

 Trust, Openness, and Community.

By using a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), PixelBlocks will successfully establish these three pillars. We use the XDAO platform, which is a multichain DAO builder for jointly managing crypto assets and DeFi projects. Click here on Our NEWS UPDATES to find out more.


PixelBlocks will have a reflection utility token that the DAO will develop and lead. All PBUK DAO holders receive PBUK tokens as part of their membership perks which reward holders TBD. XDAO is one of our main partnerships stay up to date with the community news visit XDAO – MultiChain DAO Ecosystem

LP = Stable Floor
Treasury = Grow Savings
Buy Back and Burn = Reducing the Total Membership Available by reduction of total supply 

NFT Membership Price:
$100 Presale, $200 Live
(Pay in BnB or BUSD)

PixelBlocks will airdrop tokens to all PBUK NFT holders.
The daily tax rewards in BnB and all profits from NFT sales go to
liquidity acquisition which increases balances within the treasury and helps focus on growth and stability. Also, marketing and development funds aim at future growth through asset management funding, staking, and partnership programs.
(Used to generate treasury growth and other membership rewards)

Membership Perks:
  • Daily Volume Rewards
  • Bonus Profit  Rewards
  • Free Tokens
  • Community 
  • Updated News
  • NFT Reward Royalties

The Importance of the Community is Paramount

Here at PixelBlocks, we attempt to incorporate people from all walks of life to grow into the best crypto community space that finds real value within each person. We are a crypto nation formed by forward-thinking and enthusiastic individuals that have collectively grouped to journey the cryptic world of decentralized finance. At PixelBlocks, we offer simple solutions to new and veteran investors via education and a robust directory of user-based services. By leveraging the skills in the community, we will create value and store this within our tokenized membership program.

In addition, PixelBlocks is self-funded via our exclusive crypto token that offers holders incentivized rewards for being a part of the community. Creating new utilities and partnerships through the DAO will form the foundation of the PixelBlocks ecosystem. With self-generating utilities ranging from services to products, we share our profits with the community by buying tokens, burning the supply, and redistributing them as membership rewards to holders. As a result, we are creating passive income through the value of collective information.

PixelBlocks will follow its own community audit guide, which will help our team establish robust reviews with maximized risk management. With much of the community being creative designers, we have a library of assets that we plan to utilize and sell to generate collective value. PixelBlocks will be launching its token via a presale of NFT purchases. In other words, to qualify for our whitelist, investors must own one of our NFTS. By purchasing one of our NFTS, investors will be airdropped PixelBlock tokens during the scheduled launch. We have only {x} OG spots available, and each NFT will be giving extra membership benefits.


Treasury Staking Platform & Auto Compounding Yield Farming

There are several ways to earn interest from a cryptocurrency portfolio in the crypto market. Crypto staking and yield farming are popular methods that cryptocurrency enthusiasts use to supplement their primary income. Staking cryptocurrency is the process of dedicating personal crypto assets to a blockchain network for support and confirming transactions. Meanwhile, yield farming is a cryptocurrency investment strategy in decentralized finance that facilitates the hope of more significant returns through lending and borrowing.

At PixelBlocks, we are pleased to inform investors that we are conducting extensive research into these methods to reward the participation of community members in the most secure possible manner. Because we aim to provide the community with the best platform available, the staking and farming strategy will require coordinated efforts and time.

20% Layer-1 Staking: By staking in layer-1 native blockchain tokens, PixelBlocks can participate in different ecosystems with no restrictions or need to bridge and create unnecessary vulnerabilities. It also allows us to increase exposure down the road in layer-2 tokens with little to no need for centralized exchanges.
20% BUSD: Having a reserve for a healthy cash flow balance is important, especially with crypto being such a volatile market. PixelBlocks must prepare to cushion any dramatic market changes or sudden events. By holding 20% of the reserves in a stable coin such as BUSD, we can react at a moment's notice and safeguard the community's financial interests since all assets measure against the dollar. Additionally, BUSD can be staked, which allows the treasury to keep earning and compound rewards.
20% Reflection Tokens: This is an added bonus that further explores layer-2 tokens.

The Treasury Engine's Protcol

Layer-1 Staking & Liquidity Provider


At PixelBlocks, we believe the role of cryptocurrency in society will continue to strengthen over time. As a result, we plan to invest 20% of the treasury into layer-1 blockchains for liquidity providers and staking protocols. Examples of layer-1 blockchains include Solana, BnB, Polkadot, and Cardano.

BUSD Staking


 PixelBlocks plans to create stability by using 20% of the treasury funds on staking with a stable coin such as Binance USD (BUSD). Earning staking rewards from a stable coin allows us to compound revenues and create a treasury reserve.

Reflection Tokens


Reflection tokens are a game-changer in how businesses approach customer loyalty. When investing in reflection tokens with real use cases, the potential returns gained in tokens such as BUSD or altcoins will help increase and expand our holdings. While reflection tokens may be risky investments, they are a rewarding section of the DeFi space. PixelBlocks will provide minimal risks for its members by crowd sharing these risks/rewards in a fair system.

Product Devolpment


PixelBlocks aims to bring utility and unique use cases to the DeFi space using its creative team and community. Therefore, 40% of the treasury funds will be set aside for future development and the implementation of ideas. PixelBlocks is proud to say that it already has an NFT trading game in the pre-design stages. However, this is just the beginning, and more progress will become a reality through our internal treasury system.

Treasury Targets

Revenue Generation

Liquidity pool fees and bond sales increase the treasury revenue, locking in liquidity and helping control the supply.

Create Future Value

Community Growth

Treasury inflow increases the treasury balance and backs outstanding tokens while regulating staking APY. Additionally, it gives bonus rewards and helps overall value grow.

 Profit Sharing

Pooled Staking Rewards

Compounds yield automatically through a treasury-backed token with intrinsic value. We also sell community-curated NFTs via our decentralized website.

PixelBlocks NFTs & Defi

The NFT marketplace is a critical part of the PixelBlocks community. Creating and selling NFTs will be possible for all community members by accessing the free NFT minter dApp. Additionally, PixelBlocks intends to offer opportunities with various aspects of DeFi and cryptocurrency. The PixelBlock community will have chances to participate and be involved in the project's success. Active members that show engagement can receive generous bonus rewards for their time and efforts through
Weekly Tokens
Reflection Rewards

In December 2021, the establishment of PixelBlocks occurred to enable the community's vision and show competitive growth through innovation in the crypto sector. PixelBlocks will pave the way for creating a unique cryptocurrency community that operates in a manner like no other before. To accomplish our goal, everyone in the community will have the opportunity to engage. PixelBlocks is working hard to create an environment that's open to everyone and invites you to join us!

Metaverse and Game Development

NFT and gaming user bases have steadily been growing, indicating that these trends will continue to thrive. The metaverse will draw many gamers due to its unique features and imaginative operational modes. At the moment, decentralized blockchain-based metaverses are more common than centralized virtual worlds. Thus, blockchain metaverses tend to differ from today's gaming industry's business structures and value extraction methods. As a result, metaverses can grow into whole communities with economies and democratic administration, becoming far more than just crypto games. DAOs and governance tokens allow players to stay in command of the metaverse's future by allowing them to vote on changes and upgrades. Adding on, PixelBlocks strives to be a competing metaverse NFT game development company for those who want to buy, sell, and trade virtual goods on a 3D metaverse platform.

An essential part of the strategy at PixelBlocks is to invest in teams and companies with a long-term vision for metaverse and P2E games by using treasury funds approved by the DAO voting system. Additionally, PixelBlocks is in the developing stages of building its own turn-based trading card game, with more details to be released soon.

Community Powered System with 

Auto Airdrops

As a decentralised platform that is controlled by its thriving community. A good awareness of the requirements of the individuals that form it, a sense of collective ownership, and either implicit or explicit advantages for contributing to its construction and/or maintenance are the foundations of a well-functioning community. Existing holders earn a fee of 2% for each transaction on the network. If you retain the tokens in your wallet, you'll get more tokens in return via bonus rewards. The value of your PixelBlock token and the community's will rise with time.. 

War of the planet of Crypton

PixelBlocks.uk Trading Card Game will be A Community inspired PvP Turn based game that anyone can play, create their own decks and participate. We are creating a Card Game you can play with your Family & Friends at Home. 
Simply Purchase an NFT and unlock a Downloadable PDF print ready to play.

"The Game will also be used in a play to earn with Staking participation farms"

With over 10,000 Unique designs We have Two Decks soon available.
PikaDuDe's & LaZy TigeR's

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