Decentralised Autonomous Organisation - DAO

what is a DAO ? 

Open to anyone & Inclusive 
Transparent & Fair
Future of Community Engagements

How To join

Step One sign in & buy Some LP tokens from the Mutual Fund

Mutual funds give small or individual investors access to invest in crypto. Each shareholder, therefore, participates proportionally in the gains or losses of the fund.

click the link and search for; PBUK
XDAO – MultiChain DAO Ecosystem

Sign in the dApp with your wallet, Purchase some  LP tokens then move to step two, You can either choose;
 Public offerings at 1LP = 100 BUSD
or make a private offering.

Step Two

By purchasing DAO LP tokens you have a proportional part of the whole DAO assets. In a DAO you can issue LP of any price.

Consider following situation:
Step1. A DAO has $0 on balance;
Step2. You bought 1 LP for $100 and you are the only investor. Now you have 100% of share. DAO has $100 AUM;
Step3. Another person bought 1LP token for the same $100. Now you have 50% share. DAO has $200 AUM;
Step4. DAO earns +$100. DAO has $300 AUM where $150 is yours (+$50 profit);
Step5. You are about to quit and burn your LPs. You will get $150 in return.

Step Three

An investor can burn his/her LP tokens and get all DAO assets proportional to the share.
Go to the DAO homepage whose LP tokens you have decided to burn.
Click the "Burn LP" button. It's at the very bottom of the DAO page.  You will be asked to confirm the permission to burn LP.

Modules from XDAO " why XDAO ? "

everything you need for better management of a DAO can be connected through DAO Modules. Our DAO's main smart contract too short and lightweight to achieve the cheapest gas price for deploying a DAO into the blockchain.
We also understand that DAO can be used for a very specific case and it is impossible to include all DAOs functionality into the one contract. It is also not a good approach to make DAO contracts upgradable via proxy contracts. That is why the designed modular approach. It is not something completely new as you might think. In opposite, using a modular technology but in a very wise and unique way.

Here is a list of modules that are going to be implement as time goes on;
  • Vesting – Freeze LP tokens for the investor and issue them in equal parts with some frequency;
  • Gas compensation – Reimburse the team member for gas expenses;
  • Tx Combination – Do many actions on behalf of the DAO in one transaction;
  • Telegram Bot – Get Telegram notifications every time some action happens in DAO;
  • Timelock – Module which acts as a timelocked controller. This gives time for members of the DAO to exit before a potentially dangerous maintenance operation is applied;
  • GT Delegation – Transfer GT tokens to a partner for a while, can't take part in the voting;
  • Transaction automation – Automate the execution of transactions when a certain condition is met;
  • Dividends – Lets investors to receive dividends from the DAO treasury according to their share.

Wallet Address


When making any payment to above wallet address please before you do anything, DM a member of the Team via Discord, If for any reason you choose not to contact but have any issues if you screenshot the transaction and DM with your wallet address to confirm with a member of the team we should be able to still assist. Any funds sent directly DO NOT receive LP tokens unless agreed otherwise beforehand.

C.E.O CaptainRustco

Token Allocation

0x8765...0eaa : 50,000 VT = 50% [Locked 10 year Treasury Funds] (50B PBUK)

0xacbd...812f : 30,000 VT = 30% [Allocated Membership] (5k Presale remaining Live then 5k each year until cap) (30B PBUK) - Locked Liquidity Pools with time locks. (based of membership renewal Periods)

0xb41f...72ca : 20,000 VT = 20% [Burn Over Time] Slowly reducing the total supply (20B PBUK) this is available LP that will be repurchased.

100 Billion total PBUK tokens will be created, We will buy and burn these with the funds generated by the Treasury DAO to reduce membership representation total from 30k down to 10k within 6 years making PBUK a truly exclusive Club.

"Nothing is set in stone in a Democratic Organisation like a DAO we ALL get to have a say by a VOTE"
BSC Token: PBUK > Simple Reflection Token 3/6% Tax 
NFT White List Pre Sales

Road Map

Our Partnership with XDAO Means its RoadMap is Integrated with ours



Build Core Team

Create Token

Establish Social Accounts

NFT Giveaways

Grow Community Socials

Launch Pre Sale

Launch Merch Store

Establish Partnerships

NFT Trading Card Game

Develop New Utility

Need Assistance ?


If you need any assistance please use our help desk that has a library of all important documentation and how to guides*Currently Under Construction


Download, Read ,Sign & Send back via Discord to the management Team